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Just before you rush to condemn yourself …

By on March 17, 2019

🛑 .. please stop and reflect.

Somewhere in-between mediocrity and greatness lies the peak.

Albert Einstein was initially thought by his own parents to have learning challenges. He was slow of speech. But the rest of his life made history. I guess the secret behind his great achievements lies in his acclaimed belief, that:

“ .. something deeply hidden had to be behind things .. “

Most people hold the opinion that that mindset formed the backbone of all of his life achievements. He changed the world..🌍 in his lifetime. In death, his work still follows him. The world can never forget Albert Einstein’s contributions in a hurry.

So, about wrongly held opinions, errors and mistakes …

Deeply hidden behind our wrongly held opinions, errors and mistakes are deeper things we can gain insights into if only we take time to reflect inward and “see” very objectively. According to the account of creation, moving forward, we learn that light came out of darkness. Healing still always comes out of the same body which harboured the disease, we all can testify.

And according to Nelson Boswell – “The difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how I view a mistake…”

How we view our mistakes and errors is very much significant in our handling of them.
Repeated mistakes, misdeeds, and errors may have been the order of the day. To err is human. But should we then always rush to condemn ourselves or others because of the failure of the past – once, twice, or several times over??
Not so. No one should ever rush into self condemnation or the condemnation of others. Neither is it an option to give up on self improvement or personal development.

Be kinder to yourself for your sake and this one unique opportunity G-d has given you – the gift of a second chance.

A gift of a second chance is renewed daily as long as we live.

Today is always a gift of another opportunity.

Therefore, giving yourself another chance.. and another chance.. and yet another is okay for G-d never gives up on anyone.

I will be mindful not to take the gift, nor the Giver of the gift for granted though!

The situation or occurrence which we once considered an error or a mistake may in time, with hindsight, actually have been the springboard which provided the golden opportunity for us to reach a higher height and which had made it possible for us to take that leap on to the peak(s) of our life – either spiritually, in physical inventions; emotionally and/or psychologically.

The initial views and/or the criticisms of significant others such as our trusted friends, spiritual mentors, instructors and teachers, having metamorphosed also, jointly propelling us forward into some more self reflection, ultimately facilitating our leap on to a new beginning, landing us an opportunity for greatness. 
Healthy criticisms when viewed with a mature frame of mind often become subtle impetus towards a new destiny.

Now for a fresh start, a new beginning after a mistake???

Most good things in life start small and gradually build up. Animals, humans and thoughts start small. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Every great invention starts with the first small thought.

Of attaining to positive greatness, the renewal must be sustained by a determination “to stay on with the turnaround”, to continue to work hard .. 😓.. on self, maintaining confidence in our ability.

A constant reminder of “ I can, and I will -relying on Divine benevolence” helps along the journey.

And should I fail to add this? No.

A lifestyle of repair, repentance and repair as we carry on with daily activities helps towards creating and building a healthier world environment for everyone, emotionally, spiritually and relationally both in the now and for future generations.

It is ultimately our responsibility to figure out the peak moments in our life’s journey and maximise all presenting opportunities and gifts.
G-d has done the most for us by giving us the gift of life. Now the rest is up to you and I.

If these thoughts resonate with you, then please feel free to read this article one more time.

Yours truly