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Awakening our Consciousness

By on February 13, 2020

If most of the time, occurrences happen suddenly in our lives, or circumstances tend to take on “the sudden surprise approach”, this might be an opportune time to consider taking some “mind over matter exercise” and regaining control over our thought lives. Our thoughts surely must be influencing our life experiences.

Regardless of whatever is happening around us, it is a healthy exercise to consider putting our minds and thoughts to some active tasks – applying our minds over the matter.

The growth of every human being in self consciousness begins at birth; from a state of innocent lack of awareness to a state of full awareness. We each grow at our own rate and speed. As a new borne baby continues to grow in consciousness, s/he grows in self awareness too, and increasingly in the awareness of her/his thoughts and surroundings.
Gradually the baby recognises family, friends and the environment in that order.
This growth continues for life unless there is an interruption either due to trauma, infirmity (temporary or permanent); or old age.

As full grown human beings, there are variations in the depths of our individual consciousnesses depending on our psychological make up and/or emotional state of being. However at any rate, we should never stop growing. At all stages in life, growth should be occurring in two dimensions – internal and external (physical).

Our self recognition, awareness, and self -knowledge are all rooted in our internal consciousness. This zone is only fully exposed to and known to our Almighty Creator and only known in part by us.
Amazing.. So Amazing 😉

Our internal consciousness also houses the seat of our guilt awareness. It is unhealthy to permanently feel guilty about our station in life unless we are at the same time planning to exercise a change of direction. Of course we can.

It is true we all need some level of awareness of our wrong deeds. However an over sensitive, over exaggerated or excessive guilt consciousness is unhealthy. We should fight to disallow it to fester or take root. If a person has become aware of a wrong deed, or taken a wrong turn, make amends.

Never make a permanent dwelling with guilt.
It is unsafe, it is unhealthy.
This is an area requiring much exercise of the mind to remain in health both spiritually and mentally – So at the risk of repetition, as far as mistakes or misdeeds are concerned recognise it, acknowledge it, feel it, make amends and move on.
There is no limit to how many times a person can perform this turnaround as long as it is done sincerely and genuinely from the heart. This should be our most important exercise, a lifestyle most probably.

Our next exercise can only succeed upon the success of the previous one above.

The second exercise is predicated upon a person’s state of being in the arena of external consciousness. Ordinarily this is an area of awareness where we have or should have all our mental faculties active and ideally sensitive. As we grow in consciousness and become more aware of our environment, we learn to improve on our innate abilities. We also learn to interact with one another in this arena with love and mutual understanding.
It is in this area of awareness and/or consciousness that humans sometimes are more prone to the “sudden” syndrome and “surprises”.

Excuse my using the two words,consciousness and awareness interchangeably. They gradually have become inseparable because in reality they both are intertwined states of the mind-heart, both being in one and the same individual and therefore not so easy to differentiate or separate.
In order not to be repetitive, I can very easily summarise;

“Heart 💓 and Mind; Thoughts 💭 and Actions; Awareness and Consciousness … What a world 🌎.. ?”

It is a healthy and a good idea for a person to exercise their consciousness to some form of reawakening from time to time as it is so easy to slip into walking around in a day dreamlike fashion.

Just be in control of your thoughts.

It requires little or no effort to carry on in life in a state of lack of awareness, being generally oblivious of the most things of importance in life, a state of being where the level of consciousness is sunken. In this state of being, everything will continually happen to the person “suddenly” and always as a matter of “surprise”.
This may be an indication that s/he is yet to discover his/her life’s purpose, vision and goals.

When a person has discovered his/her life’s purpose, and is pursuing a vision and pushing towards their goals, a person’s consciousness is awakened and their level of awareness is sensitised because they are involved in the race of life, pursuing a meaningful life of purpose and seeking constantly to fulfil some definite goals towards their G-d driven destiny.

By engaging in “mind over matter exercises” , our levels of consciousness may be more exercised in a healthier fashion. Try it, we may like the results.

Therefore, today put your thoughts to work, let’s stop drifting; but focusing our conscious minds on what we would like to achieve this year, applying our hearts to wisdom ..


Until next time,

I remain..
Yours truly

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    February 16, 2020

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