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Beauty at its purest form on a cold winter morning – A way of pure joy

By on May 25, 2022

When things are difficult, humans struggle to manage a smile, let alone feel joy from a pure source. Even more difficult it becomes when there are challenges or daunting tasks ahead on any given day.

Quite frankly I cannot but become more convinced that most times what
we see in our physical realities and environments are nothing more than the trajectories of our individual minds, our creations and perceptions – mainly our thoughts and feelings.

Permit me to share an illustration of this from a recent life experience.

Looking at my table this morning, I felt a little daunted by the amount of work for the day. I couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed by the thoughts of how busy the day ahead was going to be.

Ever found yourself wondering how you would fit so much into one day? That was where I was and I sat back for a few minutes, contemplating where to start from. It was all beginning to get me tired, even before my day had started. Sounds familiar??

A bit of silence.. And suddenly there was a click!

Breaking the silence was a whatsapp notification of an incoming chat..
It was a message from one of my loved ones. I opened it. There to my utter amazement was this totally awesome picture with the message:

“This morning’s sunrise – I didn’t use a filter ????”

A message immediately went out from my heart, into my mind and into my hand and then my fingers, and I penned back:

“Wow! I love this.. ????”

This perfect imagery of a beautiful sunrise I had before me, in my palms, reminded me of G-d’s eternal love and providence, regardless of the enormity of the tasks ahead of me. I felt gratitude erupting from my essence. I am genuinely grateful for the beauty of the sunrise day in day out for as long as humanity has existed. Aren’t you?

Grateful even more because I felt this was meant for me to see and respond to, before I could have sunken into a “pity party”.

I believe more than before that we need to stop looking at our environments through our own self made artificial and unreal filters so that we can seamlessly look at, see and appreciate natural imageries of beauty which G-d has surrounded us with, so that we can live more stress free lives.

I have attached this picture “for you” to see and appreciate. Take a good look.

Perhaps it can have a similar effect it had on me, on you. Maybe you need to see this for a sense of gratitude to really take hold in you. Whatever it can, let it have its course. I testify that the wow factor picked me up! Even on a wet cold wintery morning, G-d’s loving warmth penetrated the skies and brought some relief to all at no costs, especially me.

By the way, this picture was taken of “Early Sunrise in London”
Creativity is indeed a powerful tool in balancing moods.

Stay safe, positive and healthy.

Until next time…

I remain

Yours truly..

Ayobola Annie Alo MPRCA MCIPR

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