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Purpose and Vision – Post lockdown, which comes first?

By on June 1, 2021

Greetings to all my friends. It’s been awhile since we touched base. As we are beginning to see some rays of light, post lockdown, let us keep our hopes alive and rising. It should also for us be the best time again to put efforts into our contemplations – the what, how and where to start from. Purpose, purpose, purpose … Visions, visions and more visions. Both a purpose driven life and a vision oriented life present good starting points after a lockdown, I think. Purpose or Visions – but which one should we really give the prime of the first place? They sound cliche but in reality they are both powerful life drivers. But can two drivers engage same auto at the same time? Probably not, in the scheme of things. One must be in charge as the second propels. A person who lacks vision, or a people lacking in vision will almost invariably lack restraint in anything and everything, good or bad. And of course, where there is no restraint, unfortunately, none can predict outcomes. We need to be able to consciously rebuild our lives together again as a world community with predictable outcomes for good and in the sustainable future. Only love .. ❤️ .. can create a safer world. The covid 19 pandemic has so far more than proven this point to the whole world. The lockdown almost “locked out our love for one another”, but here we are today, love has triumphed. Let us endeavour to keep this state of affairs up, and going. We all have been under lock down for varying lengths of time, depending on our geographical locations. We have undergone various emotions – ranging from loneliness to losses, separations, sadness, joy, idleness, illnesses-longterm and short-term, mental health issues .. the list is endless. But here we are .. still here. Something tells me there is some purpose why you and I are spared and witnessing this moment.. ???? Purpose and visions … Can we work out our individual purposes without our visions and dreams? Or rather, can our visions reveal our purpose for being? That is my mission – to awaken our thoughts in a positive way. Let us begin to dream again. Let us start to see brighter future together beyond Covid -19. Let us look beyond the problems of the moment, and start contemplating solutions. Every innovation is birthed from a hard place. Brooding on impossibilities gives birth to possibilities. Several dreams drive a vision. And our visions are driven by our lives’ purpose. Your vision unfolds your future and your purpose. My vision unfolds my future and my life purpose. It all begins to look to me quite frankly like a life of propose is much driven by dreams and visions and dreams and visions are fuelled by life’s purpose. Without getting too hung up on the definitions and which of these two is superior, let us rise up from our lock downs, allow our visions to be restrained only by our love for one another. I am resigned to letting G-d fill my heart with dreams and desires that will propel me always towards my life’s destiny and purpose only. Distractions will always be there mind you; but let’s carry on regardless. Be encouraged friends. We have begun our ascent from the low place of lockdowns to the mountain top of new dreams and visions from where we can take in the colorful summer gardens, the beautiful flowers and butterflies, the birds and the nice blue skies. Stay safe, positive and healthy. Until next time… I remain Yours truly.. Annie MPRCA Email ????