January 2019

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… gateway to peace of mind.

By on January 27, 2019

Oftentimes the root cause of panic and fear is unwittingly giving permission for a reckless travel on the highway known as “the future”. Of course, this journey comes with…

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Where lies beauty?

By on January 23, 2019

Looking at the image below, if beauty you can very readily find.. congratulations you are one of the few who finds wonderful things in obscure and difficult places.

For those…


How do I begin my day?

By on January 17, 2019
The way we think, the way we speak and the way we act are the main ways we interface with our world. And prayer is a lifeline presenting the opportunity and the time for a rich focus on that interface before we engage with the world.
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????…I got a message from a friend today..

By on January 10, 2019

It is supposedly the Pope’s message for year 2019. I have not checked the authenticity of this claim.. But I know that these words stand tall, powerful and speak…