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… gateway to peace of mind.

By on April 18, 2019

Oftentimes the root cause of panic and fear is unwittingly giving permission for a reckless travel on the highway known as “the future”. Of course, this journey comes with its attendant worries about tomorrow and what it might offer, bring or open the door to.
Surprise.. surprise… Tomorrow of it’s own has no inherent powers to bring anything. Think about that.

Just as we find exits on the man-made highways, there are also exits in this other highway – “the future”. These exits offer well timed opportunities by which we can quit or cease from our worries about the future. They help us to put a pause or a stop to being overtly or excessively self-absorbed; a situation which often brings about fear and panic, robbing us of our valuable peace of mind. 
And of distractions and panic.. be it self made or caused by another/others… these exits are great speed breakers on the wrong highway.
These exits are what I refer to as the gateways to peace of mind.

They include, but are by no means limited to forgiveness, letting-go, mutual respect, patience, doing charity, kindness, helping the orphans, giving of our precious and valuable time to help others without expecting anything in return, being a peacemaker, taking care of our environments, being prayerful, avoiding gossips and loving G-d.

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