Annie has spent most of her life as a Parent (Mother), a Counsellor, a Mentor, a Coach, an Advocate (especially for the vulnerable), a Solicitor and a Barrister. Over the years, she has been a confidant and listening pair of ears to many: peers, adults and young people. Annie has a passion for helping people.

Annie in her golden years has become more entrepreneurial, delving into areas women have often shied away from. Innovative mind, boldness, some good level of assertion, persuasive skills, empathy, effective communication abilities and skills, faith and confidence in herself first, and faith in others.

Most important and key for Annie, she says, “is my faith in G-d. All these other things in some additional measure have contributed immensely into my substance, who I am – my personality and abilities.

With natural talents for helping people, Annie says.. “I experience such peace, balance, and harmony in my own life. These attributes, feed backs inform, are palpable and tangible – experienced by people I interact with, or meet. I have been able to help many achieve same attributes, naturally in their lives, I’m told.

Having been interested in caring for people and counselling for many years Annie took the plunge about twenty years ago and went back to the university to study psychodynamic counselling.  She is qualified and experienced. She declares .. ” I am dedicated to keeping up with new ideas and practices and constantly updating and building my knowledge base. Wellbeing, physical and mental health and wholeness are my focus and goals at all times. I look forward to working with you.”

Annie meets Clients in our private room in Birmingham, U.K. and often times at mutually agreeable locations ( e.g. GP Practices).

It’s a world of peace and harmony in Annie’s world. You are welcome into my world.