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Our “Collective Will” to carry on…

By on January 23, 2022

There are times in our lives when the temptation to succumb to challenges and difficult situations come strong, especially when there seems to be no visible end in view.

The pandemic is one which has left us all searching for hiding places and looking for answers to questions most of us are not asking ourselves. What has kept those of us alive today going remains somewhat our abilities to fight, staying true to our native innate calling to stay alive .. fighting COVID-19 with all our strength; and FIGHT WE MUST CONTINUE! This is not given. It is by the mercy of G-d. No one should boast.

We remember all our fallen heroes with love and pray their souls’ perfect rests.
Even so we also continue to welcome new souls arriving to take hold of their new assignments in this world. The pandemic has not succeeded in shutting the gates of heaven against them. The Almighty Creator reigns over the affairs of all creation still.

Every new-born is exposed to pure love both emanating from the world above and much also from the world below as early as upon their first breath in our world. This unique experience sets every human being on a solid foundation on which each of us has continued to build. We have no control over circumstances and life experiences that herald or contribute to contrary situations.
One thing remains true. Only love and practical revelation of renewed love between one another, from time to time will serve to empower us against external aggressors such as COVID-19. There is the danger that without love, life ebbs away.

Our existence can only be sustained on love. Love makes our world safer. It makes it possible for human existence to continue regardless of the challenges we face. Can anyone imagine our current world under the siege of COVID without love?

No doubt, love has carried us this far and only love will continue to sustain us.

A vision not founded on love creates chaos and soon dies out.
Love … ❤️ … and only love is the fuel the world needs to continue to make human existence possible; love for one another and for our environment – love for the entire creation of humans, animals, nature, and plants. That is the only safe and authentic way G-d has ordained things. Any departure from this poses danger to humanity.

At this stage, adding perseverance to the virtue of love will help see us through the current pandemic I believe and pray. We cannot and should not allow the tough times, situations, and challenges to define humanity nor our collective destinies.
Let us be determined to stay together, fight the pandemic as one human race against a common enemy and victory shall soon be ours.

And as the year 2021 takes its place in history, let us embrace year 2022 with open minds, open arms, grabbing all opportunities, challenges, and blessings with gratitude to the Almighty who has preserved our lives.

Wishing all our friends a sweet new year.

Till next time

I remain..

Yours truly