CORONAVIRUS FEAR – Feel the fear.. don’t be crippled by it – get liberated

Humanity has no control over the entrance of fear into our space, bursting our “sense of safety” bubbles.
Like an uninvited guest, fear creeps in and immediately attempts to cripple us introducing a sudden feeling of loss of control; abruptly putting a stop to pleasure and replacing happy feelings with feelings of uncertainty, inadequacy and an impending doom.

Practically fear is a distressing emotion with negative feelings and thoughts brought on by a person’s awareness of an impending danger or doom; such as the current fear of a global pandemic of Coronavirus.

What should be our answer (s) in the face of this phenomenon?

Talking about this very briefly, let me refer us to the very beginning of our existential awareness. Before we came into this life and ever before we became self aware, all we knew was peace, tranquility and safety. Those were our natural states of being. Our first taste of anything contrary came with our “taste of life itself as we now know it”. Life brought hand in hand with it several other emotion types, fear included.

The birthing process inflicts a change too sudden on a new baby, occasioning a feeling of danger and an impending doom, therefore newly born babies cry. For the same reason a new baby cries at birth, so too humanity feels fears, and gets emotionally affected by an uncomfortable and fearful situation (s).

And just as a new born baby goes through the birthing process anyway, so also must we as humanity also carry on living; feeling the fear of danger, but still carrying on with the race of life and survival. We must embrace the rules of life which make our survival a real possibility, trusting G-d to help us sail through safely regardless of our fears and trepidations.

Even as the horizon is filled with fearful news of an impending danger of the global spread of Coronavirus so must we fill our intellect, minds and hearts ???? with the thoughts of winning the race against the virus and being victorious in the battle for our survival. Science confirms this is one of the proven ways of building our natural immunities. Fears destroy our body’s immunity. Therefore we must be determined to conquer fear.

A battle of this nature can only be fought successfully starting from the inside out.
Don’t get me wrong, the external rules of hygiene must be adhered to, rigorously, to succeed in fighting a good fight.

And as some of us have propensities to entertaining fear more radically in an unhealthy way, if it helps, let us talk to someone or seek professional help.

Together let us stand, individually determined to fight our corners, looking out for our neighbours with the determination to give a good fight, strengthening one another and being strengthened regardless of everything else happening around us.

Let us continue to uphold one another in prayers.

And for our brothers and sisters who have fallen on the battlefield, let us pray their souls rest in perfect peace.

And until next time…

I remain
Yours truly,

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