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Balancing Our Emotions In These Critical Times Of Coronavirus Pandemics

By on March 15, 2020

No one is left out of toxic emotions during these times.

The news of coronavirus breakout from Wuhan in China woke the whole world up to an existential fear; a feeling of acute threat to our human wellbeing and safety as we know it.

They were, and still remain real fears.
And as individuals, we have our different ways of responding to the situation.

For some of us, it evokes a deep sense of absolute dependency on the Almighty Creator and His Supremacy over all human affairs and over all things.

For some others an anxiety is created, such as affects and causes massive disruptions to everyday life and living.

A few may become hypochondriac.

Now hypochondriasis is a condition where an individual becomes unduly alarmed or worried about having or contracting a serious illness, such as in this case, the coronavirus infection. This condition messes up the ability of a person to function properly-a situation whereby the interaction between the human mind and the emotions become informed by excessive and over heightened fear and worries of contacting an illness, or actually believing a suggestion by their mind that they are actually suffering from the illness despite the absence of an actual medical diagnosis.

Regardless of whatever feelings or emotions we may be entertaining quietly and secretly at this time over this pandemics, the question is, how can we counter balance our toxic emotions within all the existing global parameters, in a healthy fashion, during these critical times?

Let us now attempt to contemplate some balancing acts over our toxic emotions.

Is it possible to achieve a state of emotional equilibrium amidst all these fears and anxiety?

A state of mental harmony, emotional stability and calm behaviour, all on the bedrock of a sense of balanced judgement which can herald peace of mind, tranquility and rests for our souls are achievable. The question is how?

Here I would attempt to share with us some helpful tips, I have carefully put together. Please feel free to choose which tip (s) you feel comfortable with.

Here they are:

• Follow the news sensibly, being mindful of the source, so that the feeling that we are missing out on any vital information is ruled out.

• Follow up the news updates with a time of meditation or contemplation over some positive news – such as scriptures, revisiting old records of happy memories like photographs, video clips of happy moments, and other celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, social parties and other happy moments. The list is endless.

• Play your part, follow the rules of communal engagement, and social distancing as recommended by the health professionals

• Practice love – call friends, families, neighbours; let someone know you care, let them know they are not alone.

• Stay connected

• Allow your brain to detox often. Don’t store up toxic memories and thoughts. Get rid of toxic thoughts by embracing stories of happy endings.

• Eat well, Eat healthy.

• Sleep well. Give your brain the much needed breaks and periods of rest.

• Disengage often from the toxic external stimuli. Contemplate and engage more on what you love such as reading, enjoying music, poetry, films ..
e. t-c.

• Practice relaxation. Quality time in prayerful contemplation offers a perfect relaxation according to personal experience.

• A regular exercise routine does so much good. A brisk wall is the healthiest form of exercise. If in isolation, a timed walk around the home or on the grounds of your property is good. Consider downloading an appropriate “pacing app” from the iPhone App-Store or the Google PlayStore onto your smartphone so that you can accurately time your walks.Follow your Doctor’s advice on which exercise regime is best for you.

• Maintain good and active communication lines with your loved ones. Don’t allow your mind to go into isolation or hibernation. Remember your isolation is physical only. Maintain emotional contact via phone calls. Send text messages, WhatsApp chats, engaging in Facebook and other social media platforms interactions, video calling, Skyping and such like.

• Finally, stay positive. Fixing our minds, thoughts, and imaginations on happier moments in
previous times and on a brighter future, plus healthier and safer times to come, G-d willing.

• Love yourself, and remember to find other innovative ways to extend part of your kind self to others around you regardless of social distancing.

Very soon, and very soon.. all these pandemics will also become parts of our historical past and we too will be able to tell our future generations that we were part of history.

Let me leave us with these thoughts.. as together we continue the battle against coronavirus, standing together as one humanity.

Praying we will soon have shouts of victory, and be declared the victors in the coronavirus war.

Until then, stay in health.

I am
Yours truly…