who we are

Moments With Annie® are agents of change. Working with our clients in our ‘Mental Agility Coaching Programme©’, we gently and very sensitively without pressure, encourage our clients to embrace life transforming change(s) when, and where they consider necessary. Our desire at Moments With Annie® is always to utilise our professional skills, abilities, and natural talents, to meet the needs and requirements of our clients and stakeholders.

We believe that the power to change our lives resides within each one of us. To this end, we hold ourselves out responsible to our clients, encouraging them to take up their rightful place(s) in the driver’s seat of the vehicles of change and transformation we offer them. We support them to take charge of their own lives and destinies. One of the most powerful tools to changing lives is “self-awareness”. Our promise to our clients is that we make all these possible in our programme.

Quoting Abraham Maslow:

“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”

Our lives will change for the better when we become aware of who we really are and could be and choose to live in accordance with this truth and reality. When we become self-aware, we operate from a sense of knowing. This knowing is an internal view of our unique selves and abilities. To change our lives, we must change the way we view ourselves, and then begin to live from inside out according to the change we desire.