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Why problems – πŸ€” – ??

By on March 6, 2019

There are never answers or solutions without questions or questioning minds.

Progress is often birthed on the bed of affliction, so take heart.

Questions + Answers = Solutions βœ…βœ…

The condition of a person’s mind in a problem solving process matters.
A doubting mind, β€œto-ing and fro-ing” aimlessly, without a focus on what solution is sought breeds worry and stress. That is not in itself a terrible end. It is often self doubt that doesn’t help in the equation. Believing in my abilities is a good and a healthy starting point. I can achieve more if I keep moving towards the solution to my issues or problems.

A restless mind on the other hand opens the door to uncertainty, and/or difficulties.
It is healthy to question, to propose an idea or search for a solution to a nagging issue or problem. It is equally okay to encourage honest and open discussion if that would open the door to peace of mind. It is however not a healthy option to wine and to dine, to sleep, wake up and return to bed with the same nagging problems, day in day out.
Never an option to stop .. πŸ›‘ .. , languish or rot in a real or imagined decay. Whatever the situation keep moving towards a solution.
Make a move today, if you can, trusting G-d to provide the compass to help with the navigation.