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Laying Me Down To Sleep … 💤

By on October 5, 2017

Who tries successfully to get a baby to sleep quickly when s/he does not want to?Or succeeds in getting  a baby up from sleep quickly if the baby still needs more sleep? Not so easy I guess.

I believe the body, soul and mind (emotions) all synchronise to achieve a healthy sleep. This explains why sleep pattern is often a big indicator the health professional looks at to ascertain the state of a client’s health. When everything within the human body works well, and the mind enjoys health and stability, ability to sleep is never a problem.

So what keeps you awake at night? If it isn’t an illness, it could often be an unfinished business or project, either within the family or at work. These are usually the areas we need to look at when sleep suffers.

Excitement could arrest sleep too, such as starting a new relationship or falling in love.  Equally so, ending a bad relationship, going through a divorce or suffering the bereavement of a loved one.

Back to babies.

Babies fall into or out of a sleep quite easily, barring ill health and bodily discomfort; because they neither have cares nor worries.  Sometimes or rather, oftentimes bodily discomfort or fright may disturb a baby’s sleep pattern, just as in adults too. However, babies generally sleep with ease.

So, there lies the tip! No cares, no worries.

So how can I as an adult get myself back into that stage of life again; a stage which I have obviously outgrown several years back, and now, begin to sleep like a baby?

Here are Annie’s handy tips:

  • Good time management – Keeping a good diary is a good place to start. Aiming never to overload one’s diary is no 1 key to success. There are only 24 hours in a day. Do what you can and leave the rest. Substituting a handy diary in the place of the mind is very important. Wrap up what you can, carryover what you can’t to the next day. Ability to train one’s self not to carry things over in or on the mind is a healthy way to go.
  • Keeping a good journal – To help escape the temptation of a “mind carryover”, a habit of pouring all our worries and everything else over into a good journal is a second great one. A good escape route from getting the mind tangled is ending a day’s journal with words like “ I should give XYZ a call tomorrow for his/her thoughts on this..”  or .. “ to be discussed at the next meeting or appointment with ABC ..”
  • Bodily comfort .. This cannot be substituted or overemphasised Getting rid of bodily pain or paying attention to it before nightfall, wherever it is lurking, having a warm bath, a good shower, taking a light supper and or a milky drink are all good to calm the nerves and the body before bedtime.
  • And generally, healthy habits and lifestyles plus good diets help in no small measure.
  • Finally, feel free to try out Annie’s own seasoned escape route ..

Casting your burden on the LORD, And He shall sustain you .. Psalms 55:22

Getting into the place of prayer has helped Annie tremendously over the years – a policy of when all else fails or is failing, pray to your Maker. Your Maker is never tired of listening.

So please embark on getting your baby sleep pattern back. And perhaps this helps .. 😍



Yours truly,