How I Deal With Fear .. By Annie

By on November 7, 2017
Fear always an unwelcome emotion, an uninvited guest. It demoralises, leaving the victim emotionally crippled, paralysed and tired.
Who can say s/he’s never been there? Of course we all have.
So how do I deal with this uninvited, unwelcome guest, called fear?
Personally whenever I am afraid I make a deliberate choice to put my trust in G-d.
The awesomeness of the One who created me is greater than, and bigger than any of my fears. And whenever I am in this frame of mind, my fears diminish. Sometimes instantaneous, or gradually, depending on the source or nature of the fear.
This has become an established and semiconscious way of personally dealing with fearful 😧 situations; and it works for me.
Try it.
So how do I deal with fear?
It always ends up like this…
I begin to hum..  quietly sing.. 🎤 🎤🎤… tunes ..🎸🎸🎸… or … melodies .. 🎼🎼🎼 … , reaffirming my confidence and trust in G-d. I have a few favourite ones…😊
They are always readily available on my tongue at such moments – fear  .. 😩 .. or despair.
I have found that a sincere desire to let G-d in to my situations opens the door for divine intervention ( help from above) regardless of where I am at, or had been; no matter how difficult or daunting the fearful situation may be. And, trust me… I can count many!
It usually happens in this sequence:
* There is an uninvited situation thrusted into the way without warning ..⚠️
* Fear creeps in .. 😠
* The situation tries to push into a place of total despair 😩
* A choice to place total reliance on the Creator appears like a parachute.☂️
* A decision to grab it with all the strength – psychologically and emotionally.
* Grab it!
* This is what faith in dark moments is like.
* With time, confidence and trust in G-d to handle the situation deepens.
* Fear begins to lose its grip.
* It gradually with time no longer has the same amount of power or grip over s/he who can master this manner of dealing with it.
These are what I have learnt over the years, have put to work in most trying and difficult situations and I know they work for me.