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How can I generate peace of mind?

By on December 9, 2019

A mind “to-ing and fro-ing” in a constant state of anxiety or emotional rollercoaster cannot experience peace and quiet. Our ultimate aim should be to steady our minds on something real and sure.
An unsettling situation whether big or small which disrupts our every day activities requires some care and tact in handling if the mind is to experience peace and tranquility,.
Excessive, compulsive, and overreaching futuristic planning often also can pave the way for disappointments which more often than not may rob us of our peace of mind too. So let us be aware.

Permit me to add that it all depends on personality types. Some of us find it easier than others to bounce back from an undesirable state of affairs. Each of us is our own expert. We are each uniquely made.

So then, how can we improve on our ability to generate, experience, and retain peace and emotional tranquility?

I think by consciously protecting our minds from toxic thoughts and emotions we create for ourselves a psychological and emotional environment in which peace of mind can multiply.

Examples of toxic thoughts and emotions include, but are not limited to anger, malice, guilt, shame, self-hate, regret, jealousy, envy, resentment and the like. Unfortunately these do not only rob us of peace and tranquility but sometimes can become root causes of major health issues. It is therefore very important to get to the root causes of any toxic emotions and get them dealt with as soon as possible.

Talking it through amicably?
This is the best way I believe but this sometimes may not be feasible or possible. A trusted mediator or friend could be an answer or a good alternative in relationship issues. Whatever it is, dealing with toxic emotions as quickly as possible is very vital to our health and well-being.

There is however another level of peace and tranquility which can only be experienced or attained on the other side of eternity.

Why do I draw this distinction?

As long as we are alive, it is normal to go through short periods of troubling times during which we experience less peace and quiet. It is a sign that we are alive.. therefore chin up friend. It’s not all doom and gloom.. 😊.
Behind every dark clouds lies a silver lining.
If meanwhile that is where we are, searching for more peace, may I make some suggestions. They work for me ..

Suggestions.. please feel free to try them out and see if they work for you.

  • Take a break if you can; and if not..
  • Plan a time to go on a good long walk
  • Come back from the walk and have some “private and personal me-moments” in a well ventilated room
  • Take some deep long breaths – taking care to inhale and exhale properly
  • Search your mind for any outstanding nagging thoughts and emotions, take note and write them down in your journal or on a piece of paper.
  • Plan what to do about the highlighted points, taking care to write out your plans too. For instance making plans to talk things over or to forgive, if you can, without any more or further discussions.
  • If you have forgiven, then rip up the paper on which you had written if the issues hinged on anger and/or bitterness or unforgiving thoughts.
  • If you feel you still need help to deal with things, carefully and prayerfully source help, seek and obtain it.
  • Round the “me-moment” up with a good session of talking to G-d in prayer.
  • Rise up and practically set about giving yourself a treat or pamper yourself with some experiential treat – a massage or some spa treatment… or something you love.

May you experience peace and tranquility more than usual today .. 🙏

Until next time

I am,
Yours truly

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