Can my desires alter my destiny?

By on December 2, 2019

In simple parlance, a destiny is some occurrence bound to occur because it’s all been set to happen outside our influence (s) long before we were born.
It is a generally held belief that each of us is born with our individual destiny. Some would even push this further – “if this is so, why should I bother about anything if everything about me is predetermined (?)

There is also a notion alongside these thinking which says our desires direct our thoughts, and our thoughts lead the way into our actions. Desires, thoughts, actions and destinies – does one influence the other?
I cannot help but wonder if there is a convergence… I find myself in contemplation – ????.

A desire does not really need much to birth it. Everything which influences our desires effortlessly surround us. Family backgrounds, societal influences, peer pressure, our associations, traditional and cultural backgrounds…
No doubt our desires direct the thoughts we harbour and which in turn influence our actions. Long term, our actions direct our life turns – for the right or for the left. When we make several life turns, our “irresistible life course of events” (destiny) may just experience a shift, thereby becoming resistible. To my mind our destiny may then just have become altered for the better or otherwise… ????

What then should I do to preserve a goodly destiny .. ???? .. ?

I would put up a daily fight from deep within my essence to mount a guard around my desires. By this, I may just be able to ensure my desires do not lead me the way of uncanny thoughts.

In conclusion I think I might have in some way answered my own question. My desires can indeed alter my destiny. I would therefore carefully guard my desires and thoughts because they are the source of true life.

Until next time

I remain…

Yours truly

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