The Journey

The M.A.C. journey is a carefully guided journey into self-awareness, transitioning into a healthy transformation.


Along the journey, we help foster self-awareness, enlightenment, education, re-training, and empowerment; helping our clients to consider new life-altering attitudes and helping them to change long standing self-misconceptions and ideas.


It is usually one, or some, or often all the following journeys.


A journey from …


* Fear into Adventure

* Incapability into Competence

* Worry into Wonder

* Expectation into Anticipation

* Resistance into Acceptance

* Doubt into Trust

* Unworthiness into Invaluable

* Disappointment into Detachment

* Requirement into Contentment

* Lack into Abundance

* Sickness into Health

* Loneliness into Connectedness

* Emptiness into Fullness

* Hopelessness into Hopefulness

* Grief into Joy

* Unlovable into Beloved

* Guilt into Innocence

* Mistake into Creative Moments


As an organisation we believe that self-awareness provides the atmosphere of clarity which in turn enables a person to choose between life expressions either from the place of love or from fear – these are the two power sources of life. The choice is obvious. Self-awareness empowers us to identify unconscious patterns and habits that do not serve us. Self-awareness allows us to control what we allow to enter our space. Self-awareness informs us of the necessity for and the pathway of a lasting change.