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The Dream of Love

By on September 25, 2017

Every young person dreams of falling in love one day. Each waking moment is filled with “creative thoughts and imaginations” of what it feels like to be in love, to love, and to be loved back. And when it finally happens, it is like a lifetime of slumber, a deep slumber full of dreams come true. Time becomes insignificant. Suddenly everything else goes deem. Each previous daydream of what love is, or should be, take over, and begin to play out as if under the spotlight of bright moonlight, or radiant sunshine. The only thing is that only you and your beloved are locked up in this world, alone. And it’s almost a case of being blinded by this awesome feeling of losing control. Friends and families become outsiders or at best bystanders. Cares are simply slumbered away.

Hey! Just a moment! Just before the slumber sets in and the dream begins …

Before you embark on the journey, before the full-scale dream of love sets in, here are good counsels to take onboard. An excellent starting point is ensuring that your self-esteem is at a healthy level. Seek help if you need a little bit of assistance. It’s worth all the preparations.

Simply put, take time to consider yourself with all your strengths (and of course, your weaknesses too) uniquely made for a unique you with a specific life purpose. Knowing that deep within, that you have a unique purpose none other can fulfil is an awesome start. Ability to value the person that you are and the emerging you, is certainly a great asset. And best of all, setting yourself a G-dly standard in all of these is a definite “yes”.

Besides, you will be on a sound footing having something you are living for – a vision and a mission.

Then, you are ready and well prepared to embark on a lifetime journey of falling in love.

The results?

What you are, you will attract; and what you are living for will be attracted to you. Simply put, this is compatibility, pure and safe.

Allowing looks to take the sole place of compatibility is a no-no.

Looks and compatibility are a healthy pair.

Ultimately, the real question you will have to face, and provide an answer to, will be fashioned after the Psalmist’s suggestion:

“When I awake ( from the sleep/ slumber/dream of love) I shall be satisfied with your likeness.. ”

I like to put it this way .. ” When you awake from the “sleep .. 😴 .., the slumber and the dream of love .. ❤️ .. , will you be satisfied with the likeness of who you have chosen, and likeness of who has chosen you?

This is a good place to begin.

Good luck girls.. and … boys.. 😊.

Yours truly,