Moments Purpose

Work – Energy or Life Force

By on October 19, 2017

Sitting down by myself after a long busy day, I try to remain in touch with my personal thoughts and feelings, just to make some sense of how the day has rolled by. I often would ask myself, how am I really feeling just right now, and here?

If anyone thinks this is an easy thing to do, can I just suggest that experience has shown that this is far from being so; but it does get easier and better with practice.. It begins with some level of self awareness and personal training in mindfulness.

On one occasion, sometime ago, I remember feeling very exhausted (mentally, most probably) after a long day at work, but realised that I still had a reserve of energy to carry on doing more tasks ( if I wanted to). I stopped and reached deeper into my feelings, trying to figure out how this can be. I realised I might be discovering something new about my personality .. I thought I had stumbled on an important phenomenon. When I work really hard and my energy level remains much unused, it is always that I have worked with my life force – literarily pouring part of the energy that keeps me alive – pouring some of me, my life, the life force within me into another. This can be so satisfying if that is exactly what that other requires just then, to make a positive turnaround.

This is laudable .. perhaps unsustainable on an indefinite everyday basis. While it is a good thing, a very lofty thing to do, life force is not easily replenished. With life energy, experience proves that with good nutrition, life energy is replenished. All I need to refuel is a good rest and a fresh intake of some healthy food and water.

Where it is life force I have poured, essentially part of me into anything or, another, it takes a lot more than mere food and drink. I have realised it can only be satisfied by some spiritual food intake from the Ultimate Giver of Life. For the Giver of life, there is no dearth of life force. All that matter are a relationship and an authentic approach with the Giver of Life. There is always life force in abundance.

As for natural food and drinks, we will continue to do everything in moderation.

Yours truly,