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Why it is not so easy …

By on February 16, 2019

Anyone who has at anytime attempted to measure the intensity of the darkness on a dark night, and has tried to articulate their “findings” in words or figures might surely have concluded that a dark night is always, and will always be a dark night.. unless stars brighten the expanse of the sky. Similarly the essence in a human being has been, and will always be the real, actual, and basic person behind a person’s physical form, irrespective of whatever external features the form has. 
This is also referred to as the inward person.

Our essence is our real persona where all influences and attributes of our physicality stem from. Only G-d can alter or change a person’s essence. We can, however, if we make the choice, exercise our freewill to position us in a relative way with a G-dly spark, to make that BIG DIVINE INTERVENTION possible.

Not so easy humanly speaking I should say but it is not impossible. This is one reason why as individuals we should weigh every act before leaping into action.

While our essence determines our individual substance, our uniqueness, special features and overall predispositions; including whether we are full of faith or fear etc etc. we equally have parts to play in our day to day tasks. No one is ever an accident of creation.

At some point in life, in all probability, we have asked the question – “Who am I?”

Of course it doesn’t take that much effort to realise that we do not search to catch a glimpse of what we look like in the physical form, neither is it to admire our stature; but rather, it is a quest for something deeper and of more lasting significance, something carrying a far more reaching spiritual impact. This is the search for our “essence”. Otherwise we should simply grab a mirror … ???? … and take a good look at our own reflections.

What then is the significance, and towards where and what do we direct the search? 
After all .. every trait we exhibit is some fraction of reflections from our essence. Could this have any relationship with the word “essential”?

Essential traits??? ..???? … ???? ????????????

Ever attempted making a speech in a dark and empty room and then take a listen to your own self? Or simply to walk into the night under an expanse or jungle and try making a short speech and at the same time listening to our own voice. Who do you encounter? A stranger or you?
O boy! It is a real experience.

This experience should allow us the rare and unique opportunity to come into contact with our real attribute . who we are .. our essence. This experience is quite different from holding a conversation with one another or with others. Whatever else we find, feel, and sense outside of this experience we may very easily conclude have been inherited or learnt as we have journeyed on in life.

What then is the benefit of this experience … ???? … ???

This is one benefit I think it brings-

Try this: 
Next time we get alone to talk to our Creator (say our prayers that is) can we attempt to talk from a deep place? From our essence – being real, doing away with all the usual paraphernalia?
G-d doesn’t need them. 
He desires sincere hearts and honest lips. A few minutes of a heart to heart conversation with G-d is worth more than an hour of earth bound words to the Maker of the universe who longs to be more involved in our affairs.

Until next time …

Yours truly,