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The Lockdown- When Silence chose to reign as king..

By on March 29, 2020

It is the first Saturday of lockdown in town.
Unique in every sense.

A Saturday like none other experienced in recent years. And there it is as I laid back on the sofa, contemplating the times. The hissing sound broke the silence, such as I could only have experienced in a thick green rainforest where nature reigns.

I paid attention to my breath, wondering where the hissing sound was emanating from. Was it from the silence? Or could it be that the “Queen of Peace” was hissing at nature, I asked myself quietly, as I contemplated at the same time the silence.

I thought the Queen of Peace might have chosen to pass through time with the hissing sound? Wished I had ready answers and explanations to all the silent questions I had passing through my mind at this time.

How at this moment of peaceful silence I quietly also wished time would stretch and last like forever; the Queen of Peace making their permanent abode in my time and space.

The roads were silent with no sounds of traffic just as the trees and shrubs seem to be in obedience too.
I considered immediately that the hissing sound imparted such peace and tranquility; and If the hissing sound had its origin in the prevailing silence I thought, why has it succeeded for so long so perfectly hidden within the silence?

Why haven’t I noticed it before now? Or have I been too busy to take any notice of the peaceful hissing sound?

Unfortunately the practice of silence has been lost to our busy lives but we all could do with bringing it back. It doesn’t have to be by the reason of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Our villages, towns, and cities would benefit from intermittent silence, in some peaceful solitude. Will that not be good and beneficial to all our sanity?

Personally I would rather entertain the Queen of Peace than crown a virus. Let us each resolve to reintroduce some moments of silence into our daily lives. Coronavirus has created so much noise across our world in recent times and each nation and community is having to stage a real fight for our survival and peace. We are all involved in the fight.

Chin up folks, we will win the coronavirus battle by the help of G-d.
But we each must play our parts.

Meanwhile allow me please to remind us of the need for our ammunitions in the fight which are:

  • obeying the rules of practical hygiene
  • Washing of hands ever so often, every 30 minutes recommended or by applying hand sanitiser.
  • Staying-at Home
  • The Practice of Physical Distancing
  • Staying Emotionally and Socially connected.
  • Practicing regular hand washing – or applying hand sanitised
  • Avoiding public gatherings -three is a crowd, except in family household situations
  • Only going out for the three essentials: – shopping, exercises and medications
  • Carrying each other in our hearts and minds; reaching out to one another in non physical ways.

From the very beginning, peace was the order of our day and at night everything returned to their Maker for safekeeping.

But as gradually we human beings got too busy during the day, nighttime became also compromised. Let us once again embrace peace and quietness in our daily living.

I will let us continue with these thoughts as I end this missive with two quotes by Sir Winston Churchill:

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind”

“We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.”

Stay safe and be in health.

Until next time,

I remain

Yours truly


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