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Should I embrace change?

By on June 9, 2019

As I open my eyes each morning.. 👀 .. just also as the dawn breaks, I am faced with the stark reality that yesterday is truly gone; over and done with. 
All it presented, gone with it. It’s truly time for something new.

A new day has broken forth.

Sounds familiar?????

Waking moments present the best time for anyone to reflect on what matters in life; for it does matter, what matters in life. A perfect timing to express gratitude and appreciation for the wonders of sleep 😴 and the gift of awakening. Sleep is a fraction of death and awakening the beginning of a new “life” in life- what a wonder..🤔

“Thank G-d I’m alive” personally, always my waking words.. 🙏 .

Ever felt overwhelmed by so much needing attention and doing within the limitation of available time? Twenty-four hours in one day precisely? 
No worries… This is typically “yesterday”, challenging “today” in a battle for supremacy over the new day as “change” takes charge as the “referee”. Usually too a question on hand, from what feels like an echo from a distance rears its head:

“ … of what value is pursuing each day with what is not real and with that which profits little or nothing?”

Being mindful always of Kathleen Norris’ quote in this situation:

“Disconnecting from change does not recapture the past. It loses the future.”

I am resolved to embrace change always, to make it possible to capture that future which my Creator is preparing for me from day to day. This is my personal development programme. Change makes all of these possible.

It doesn’t matter what lines my sky on rising each morning. I will always lookout for the rainbow. If I look steadfastly, I will find it. 
This is “faith” and “change” interacting. 
Not doing things today exactly as I did them yesterday is embracing change. It opens my world up to new things, new friends, new world of creativity, and innovation.

In whatever I do, I will always bear the following quote in mind:

“The end of life is to be like God, and the soul following God will be like Him.” – Socrates.

What a beautiful thought to start each day with. And if that be, embracing change in our daily lives will be so much easier.

Until next time..

Yours truly