Of a-haaaaa moment..

By on August 7, 2017

Of a-haaaaa moment..

Day of thunder, day of wonder..

I am awakened to the light of your counsel

To the counsel of the learned

I know I am alive..

Pure, powerful and direct from above..

Let me.. my companion, and I will

Follow the way as you lead..

For in the multitude of your counsels..

Let me never go wrong..

A-haaaaa… A-haaaaa..

This is what I was born for

This is why I am raised..

This is where my heart says I belong

I have found to whom I belong..

And he shares with me my soul food

If your ahaaaaa moment

You look and search for..

Be calm .. be still .. stay awake

For right there inside of you there is life..

Only.. stress, busyness, rushing around put aside

Be still.. be calm I say

For alas..

Your a-haaaaa moment is by your door.