By on July 14, 2017

To everything intricately put together..

From the animate to the inanimate

A “best before date” (BBD) is attached

We all have our best days they say..

Beyond that age
All anticipate decline
Whatever factors influence the decline
Whatever befalls the human beyond the BBD..
Remain altogether, more or less, a mystery

Some have it good..
For others, it can be better
Genetic or environmental
Remain for all times subjects of big fascination…
To the natural mind.
Thoughts of life expectancy or duration never away..
Never far from the mind is life and longevity
Quality or quantity
Are all day contemplation

Lord, whate’er You choose to give..
Living the best each day
Remain the secret of all times
To a life of fulfillment

Never to ignore Your purpose in the world you have created
And my part in it.
Your purpose and Your plan are the oxygen I live on.
Until the curtain is drawn.