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Living Through the Times and Embracing Change

By on November 9, 2020

There is no doubt that our current existence has thrusted change upon every one of us alive today.

The pandemic has been a major catalyst.

But what are we to be doing during this period of change?

How are we supposed to continue living our lives as we are accustomed to doing?

Whether we really ask ourselves these
questions or not, somewhere deep within us, the questions are being asked, answers are being searched for.
Children are not left out.
Everyone, one way or the other have the same questioning minds.
Only the bold and the outspoken venture to voice it out. And whether we ask the question openly or we continue to process it internally, we all need to confront this issue, and reach a place where we can embrace ourselves wherever we may find our new location, and can safely begin to move forward.

The journey I admit is usually not an easy one.

Change is what it is. It is time for change when it is time for change. Sounds repetitive.. of course it does. And that is how it is or becomes when we resist change. Moving forward becomes difficult in the face of any resistance.

Change involves some unique moves: the form, the nature, the content and the inner workings of some entity – systemic or human, having their future course becoming different from what it originally was, or is, or what it would have been, if left undisturbed.

Needless to say that COVID 19, and some other attending issues have left all of us disturbed. How are we navigating the curve of change? The less traumatic our experience of this curve, the better it is for our sanity, wellbeing and good health.

Permit me to “voice” an opinion, which is also being echoed by many – change has become inevitable.

Therefore, how best can we navigate this period of change? I have been thinking more about this lately and I honestly can say that much of these thoughts unfortunately have a huge potential of just going around the mind, never reaching a concluding nor a satisfactory ending.

Here are some suggestions I have finally come up with to help beat a merry-go-round thoughtlife fashion, especially at this time of first, second-time, last, partial or total lockdown, depending on our locations.

1- Engage in what I call “mindful creativity”

2- Dream of your desired future – both short term and long term

3- Eye the future of your dream through good amount of contemplation

  1. Begin to add some permanence into the contents of your contemplation by committing it into writing

5- Keep your writing as your “Personal Discovery Journal”

This becomes necessary as we travel through a period of change, and whilst gradually embracing the change – gradually through this process, we can begin to see as a clear vision, gain knowledge and better understanding of, learn, and getting hold of new insights into ourselves, who we are, our hidden natural talents, and skills, such as we never knew were there or possible.

  1. As this process continues day in, day out, each day with more focal attention and increasing in intensity, we can also begin to covet this future we are creating by giving ourselves the freedom to.
  2. By daily creating moments of prayerful, positive, reflective thinking about our
    coveted future, our hopes for a brighter day(s) are raised
  3. Filling this period of change no matter how long or short by pruning and grooming the coveted future provides a semblance of hastening of the waiting time
  4. Allowing big dreams because they do add frills and colours to our dreams
    Remembering always to clamp the door shut against negative feelings. Get professional help, if necessary, to fight any overwhelming negative thoughts and feelings.
  5. Finally .. Wait patiently to land the well deserved future birthed and created out of steadfast inner workings, great moments of silence and committed, quality, well timed hard work.

Finally let me leave us with this thought:

Living through time and change are never the easiest things in a pandemic situation but learning to navigate through appropriately, taking offers of all available help and support surely brings relief, and something positive to look forward to.

For whatever it is, let’s keep moving.

Until next time…

I remain

Yours truly..