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Is my dream dead?

By on March 7, 2018

Have you ever entertained the feeling that your long cherished dream has either died, dying or is dead?
I recently ran into an old friend who felt this way. And this was what I had to say to her – “.. wake up, you may be experiencing “life nightmares”.

At different times, we all can go through a period of thinking that our dreams are never going to materialize. I will encourage us to wake up from what I have described as “life nightmares”, and start living our dreams again. This initially may seem an uphill-task.. nevertheless, “jump-start the vehicles”. Pick a realistic start point, and keep going. If you need to, get help from a life coach, talk to one today.
It does help to carefully choose a companion you can feel safe with and trust.. someone you can work with. It can only make the journey easier. Don’t be tempted to look back. Keep moving.

I love these words:

“.. There are ideas, feelings, thoughts, and dreams that are authentic and genuine, despite the fact that they can’t be seen or observed.”
It is for me to figure out what fills my dream life, what it will take to live out my dreams and whilst still living.. waking or sleeping, commit to living out my dream utilizing every opportunity coming along my way.

“ .. George Orwell once wrote: “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” One can live with their eyes open, perfect vision and the light on and still be cloaked in darkness. On the other hand, it can be pitch black all around and yet a person can see with complete clarity.
Today, I decide always to keep my eyes – (physical and spiritual) open .. 👀 .. as I continue to navigate life’s journey.

Yours truly