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How to find strength in a period of weakness …

By on January 13, 2020

Weakness often takes over a human being when strength is low or lacking. Accompanying a state of weakness could be the feelings of hopelessness, meaninglessness and helplessness. Despair becomes the ensuing state of affairs.

But what can a person do if or when everything material and immaterial seem to crumble around them?

Ever been there?

Of course this is not peculiar to just one. It is a state of affairs all too common with humanity. So how do we deal with a situation such as described?

Where can strength be drawn from?

I prefer to take the approach of likening this situation to like being in a deep well, where there is neither light .. 💡 .. nor water.. 💦 💧 💦. In medicine this is often described as a state of “depression” or near depression.

Let’s draw our attention to the all too common ensuing empty feelings, hollowness and thirst, which I have already likened to a feeling of being in a deep dark well without air and water. This can only be next or similar to being in a dungeon according to my imagination.

So from where should we expect the much needed help and salvation to come?

It is in light that we see light. It is key to get rid of the dark and empty feelings as quickly as possible to liberate ourselves from the state of weakness and usher in strength.

In this situation, only the introduction of light into the the darkness of the depth of an empty well, an introduction of some fresh water into the surrounding dryness, plus the introduction of a substance of some lasting value – brought about by a reassuring voice, and introduced into the hollowness of the empty space will recovery, some strengthening and healing take place

Ever experienced speaking into a big empty space? All you hear back at yourself is the reverberation of the echoes of your own voice. I firmly believe that help must come from outside of ourselves. Strength must be introduced from an external genuine, reliable and dependable source. For me, this can only be from the Almighty Creator and His word.

There are some very salient points I wish to draw our attentions to for the recovery of strength to take place:

  • It is only in light that we find light. To bring about salvation, we must ascertain light from a truly reliable source and allow it into our darkness. Letting in the right information and knowledge from the right source(s) shed light into the dungeon of the dark well, regardless of the depth. A penetrating light can cut through any thick darkness. For me, the word of G-d does that. It may be that what works for another are the words of a trusted friend, a spiritual mentor or a counsellor. I am however forever mindful that a human being will never be equal to G-d. G-d will forever be G-d. He is alive, ever listening and able to save.
  • In every hollow space is usually an emptiness. An empty well without water and insufficient oxygen will ultimately sniffle life out of a well digger. As a new well is dug, the diggers are constantly exposed to much danger until water is reached. Water sustains life and rids the empty depth/space of its dangerous and hollow emptiness. Getting the right help as soon as possible is therefore very paramount in a dry and dark place. Water is used often to describe the word of G-d as it does exactly the same thing in the human mind which is prone to the feeling of emptiness, that which water does in a well. It is okay to be a deep person but a depth void of some healthy substance opens up the human mind to extraneous unhealthy influence.

I believe that strength can return to a person who is experiencing weaknesses of soul and mind through letting in the right enabling materials outside of him/herself just as a well digger gets supportive help out of the depth of a dangerously dry well without water and/or air by another on a higher solid ground.

As it is in the physical so it is in the spiritual. I will let us fill the gaps.

May I conclude with one of my favourite quotes:

“ … O G-d …You are my God
I will seek you eagerly.
My heart thirsts for you, my body longs for you In a land parched and exhausted, where no water can be found.”

And until next time…

I am,
Yours truly..