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How to deal with secret fears

By on November 4, 2018

Secret fears are “things” – “issues that be” “facts or fictions, about our past or present” which keep popping up in our internal space, generating a debilitating fearful passion about life in general. They could be real or imaginary or mixture of both especially if they have their roots in some early childhood experiences. 
The ensuing situation usually occasions some distress, emotional pain and/or apprehension of life in general.

So how best should this debilitating situation be dealt with?

To stop anything from further festering and propagation, it helps to sever what it preys or feeds on. As the name suggests – “secret fears”, secrecy is its main nutrition. Therefore burst the bubble. Try and be as objective as possible. If this is proving difficult to do, I shouldn’t worry. But by all within your power, remove the secrecy.


It’s got to be done in layers.

First, admit to yourself that it is what it is; and admit its effect on your everyday life or however frequent or often. This admission may take days, weeks or months.. however long it takes doesn’t really matter. It’s not a race nor a marathon. Just do it sincerely and deeply. Call them the real names – “Secret Fears” and then admit the real cost of them to you; the effects of them on you – that is what they stop you from doing or achieving.

Next take a look around you to see if there are any physical evidence or attributes to substantiate the fears. If yes, take them with you to the next stage. If none exist, don’t panic, take the secret fears still to the next stage.

Gradually confronting these fears, when you are ready, in your own time, take a safe plunge. Take the decision to burst the secrecy bubble around these fears by bringing them into the open, in a confidential non judgemental space with a close confidant or friend who can help you out. You may feel comfortable taking it to a Spiritual Mentor or a Therapist.. the choice is yours.

Whichever way you choose to deal with your secret fears, deal with it. Don’t allow secret fears to cripple you and prevent you from living a fulfilled stress free – worry free life.

You deserve a life of peace.
Do something today.

Yours truly