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How healthy are moments of reflection?

By on December 2, 2019

The dawn breaks, clean, crisp and fresh.
A good morning begins. This appears to be a perfect place to start with a moment of reflection. And what better place to begin than from a place of gratitude for the gift of another day – a new day, a new beginning and a fresh start. Forgetting what was, what has been or could have been. Yesterday has truly long become part of history … ☹️ … we constantly have to remind ourselves.

For now, let’s focus on this new day … 😃 –
Easy? Difficult??

Can I invite us to make William Blake’s quote our starting point? I think it sets a healthy place – the very beginning.

Reflecting on William Blake’s statement –

“My mother groan’d
My father wept;
Into the dangerous world I leapt,
Helpless, naked, piping load,
Like a friend hid in a cloud.” – William Blake

We stepped into this world with an “overwhelming awareness” of this primal fresh feeling and some divinely orchestrated pure innocent thoughts. Reflecting on these with the help of hindsight for a moment, let us be careful to think only of one thing – “gratitude for a new day, a new beginning and a fresh start”.

And what more, we are here today, alive – grown woman, or grown man as the case may be. Unto whom should we give the credit?
G-d, our parents or our communities?
Opinions may be divided but the truth remains constant.

Physical and mental growths are in most cases naturally thrusted upon us humans. Some however are born to struggle and or fight for them due to health restrictions. I pray that healing of mind and body return to those affected speedily -🙏.

For many, all we need to do is to breathe and to feed. We take in free oxygen every second, and we feed reasonably.. we are alive and healthy.
Et voila – we’re no longer babies.
This is the basis of that which I refer to as a daily dose of “mindful positive thinking”.

In all reality, what William Blake described is the sum total of that primal awareness our Creator endows every new babe born into this world with. We were all babes at the very beginning. If only we can each day recreate this primal, first moment awareness, how beautiful would it be.
Our Creator does the rest, working always behind the scenes on our behalf; whether we realise it or not. He has kept us going to date. Our parents took back seats as carers only for a very limited time. Now as adults, or about to become adults, we take our places as become an unbroken chain, we play our parts. We are thrusted with the responsibility to continue or will one day hope to take our places to continue the link in the humanity chain.

Should we therefore not strive to promote health and wellbeing through appropriate reflections on our past, present and the future?

A daily reminder of this awareness helps push anxiety and stress to their barest minimum, making it possible for a deeper sense of calm and inner peace. Remembering always that we are not alone, it is good to continue to depend on divine providence for sustenance. Because only then can we be both physically and mentally sufficient.

I find creating this mental (or spiritual environment and mindset) makes clearer thinking, improved moods and healthier self esteem easier to achieve. Our current world needs lots more of these.

The question is “How can I capture this moment and make it last the whole day, day in day out?” Troubling thoughts are almost certain to rear their ugly heads once in a while.

  • By fighting to stay positive in our thoughts through daily healthy reflections about our primordial beginning plus the gift of a new day and a fresh start – whilst thereafter also keeping our focus on building on yesterday’s efforts only inasmuch as to make more room for growth and development in areas of our lives.

Recent research studies reveal that optimism and pessimism affect many areas of our health and well-being; the lists of which health areas are quite vast.

To round up, please permit me to encourage us that a daily moment of reflection is a healthy habit to develop and nurture. It helps alleviate stress and keeps depressive thoughts far removed.

We can do it, if only we can stay determined to start today and to keep at it each day. But

Until next time
I am …

Yours truly Annie