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… echoes from a distance .. #Let One Speak Others Listen

By on February 4, 2019

I often hear people say to each other – usually in the heat of passion –

.. “listen to yourself… ????… !!!”

The ability to listen to ourselves requires some skill which most of us unfortunately do not simply possess. It is easier to listen to the other person only when what they say interests us or compliments our ways. 
We can listen ???? to each other by choice, and through determination only does an understanding of what is said occur. Relationships go sour because everyone is talking or making some communication(s) and no one is listening.
As one speaks, the other needs to listen. As it goes for individuals, so it goes for nations.

Every sound or speech begins as echoes from a distance, re-elected from a source. Catching the echo transforms it into information. It becomes a communication when it is intercepted by another, by choice, and closer attention is paid to what is being communicated.

If we can listen to ourselves (our thoughts) and to others around us then we may also be able to hear when G-d, our Creator chooses to speak to us. G-d sends us echoes from a distance at first, through things and also through significant people around us, circumstances and all … 
And as we pay attention, determining to listen to the communication, we often can receive some valuable guidance in challenging seasons of life.

Repetition of the echo (es) some times occur, especially if our attention is being specifically sought after for a specific reason, usually for our own benefit.

I will rush around less today, pay closer attention to the echoes from the distance. Who knows, I may be the next inventor the world needs for a major breakthrough.. ????

Yours truly..