meet Annie

Annie A Alo - LL.B. HONS. B.L.​
Virtual Coach

Moments With Annie – M.A.C. Programme

Our M.A.C. Programme is a virtual specialist coaching package suitable for all. Institutional leaders, people in various leadership roles, the professionals, businesses executives, business owners, and indeed everyone keen on improving their mental agility and persona. This is virtual coaching at its peak.

The programme caters for the total person.

We have several tools in our package to enhance personal growth, health goals, life goals and ambition; achievements and general development – to include stress management and social living support needs. These all can influence our mental health and stability.

These are indeed moments infused with aroma of life – fresh and living.

How we do it

Through participation in healthy dialogues and conversations we can encourage informal interactive transmission of empowering knowledge, information, and transforming education with our clients, which have the potentials to form the bedrock of a lasting change. Additionally, we actively encourage our clients to continuously seek out good information, a lifestyle of acquiring sound knowledge, and wisdom as they go through their transformation. We believe in the encouragement of informal training and personalised development as our clients undergo the experiential knowledge of our coaching. We make our clients’ experience as stress-free as possible.