Grow A Seed and Reap More Than Fruits

By on September 14, 2020

“You reap what you sow” … “The Law of The farm”

I am one of those who are fond of making references to these two sayings.

So what is actually meant by them? And what is implied by these two golden statements?

I’ve heard it too many times. All the way back from my childhood as I’ve matured. I grew up to embrace their popular meanings. My late Mum (of blessed memory) never ceased to warn that I should always show kindness and respect if I want them back from others. What you do to others gets done to you, she always said… meaning in a nutshell.. do unto others what you wish others to do unto you.

But, is that all there is to these golden principles or rules for living?

I recently was in a conversation with one of my siblings who fondly narrated to me her renewed love and obvious fresh involvement with her old hobby, planting. It was not difficult for her to get my rapt attention caught in deep reflective thoughts; and suffice it to say that at the end of our conversation, I felt refreshed and revitalised. Thank you Juliet.. 💞

Was it the principle of “doing unto others as you wish others to do unto you” or is it “the law of the farm.. sewing and reaping that have brought this refreshing?

I honestly didn’t think so. I was hearing this for the 100th time in a few months and there was something specially different about the way I felt now.
I thought I was on the threshold of rediscovering something very relevant at a time like this. I have simply just heard from Juliet a deep and involving narrative of the process of seeding, planting, nurturing, watering, feeding plants, growth, and caring for them etc.
As my sister patiently, over a video call, showed me round her little garden, I felt something within me respond to what she was sharing with me.. some newness and rebirth. It was a pleasant feeling. I did not want this video call to end but she had to end it so she could move on to other things on her day’s list.

For me, the journey had to continue, albeit on my own.

My thoughts just had to embrace what my heart was saying. It continued beyond this video call. I continued to imagine where it all started from. A seed or seedling planted in the soil, taking its place in the rough ground, all on its own – in quietness and solitude. The rain falls and the gardener waters, the sun brings to it light and warmth in this place, mother nature provides air with all its components, the seed or seedling in quietness takes every provision in gratefully and responds in time with growth, flowering and seasonal fruits. Deep indeed has been calling to the deep, making inaudible noise, without announcements, but embracing growth even in the rough soil in which it has been planted.

Not too far away stands an older tree or plant, probably more advanced in its cycle, preparing for the big fall back to the ground from where it came. But until that time, it continues to grow and bear fruits even in its maturing age.

Now standing in front of the mirror I looked at my reflection and oh my gosh— I exclaimed “Thank God, I’m alive .. bearing fruits”

Storms, Rains, Heavy winds, Sunshine, Thunder .. a healthy plant or tree will still stand. None of these challenges hinders the growth of our G-d ordained tasks, and to continue to reproduce we must, after their likeness.

Until their leaves change colours from green to pale green, to yellow, brown or orange, they will still continue to flourish.

The gardener may come and prune, prepping it for the next sporadic growth and fruiting season, the plant nor the tree complains. Everything is taken in its stride.

A little hybernation, a little sleep, and when winter is over and spring is back in the air, a resurrection takes place.

Et voila, there is newness; a rebirth, a new beginning. All the branches spring back to life shouting “glory”. They restart the budding process.

The new beginning indeed imminent. This to my refreshed mind is the real divine law of the farm.

Get the message? Now please embrace it.

The Creator of all Existence is the Gardener. We are his plants and trees in the garden of life. Remember the account of the Garden of Eden? Eternal Laws don’t change. We humans do.

The Eternal Gardener will plant, nurture, groom, prune and prep the trees for harsh weather, providing every necessity at His Will. He is in charge.

Herbs, fruits, vegetables, shrubs, flowers and trees .. each one in its unique strength. The Eternal Gardener watches them grow, sprout and fruit in their seasons. They give us such special feelings.
For in planting, a bit of the human soul experiences rebirth and newness of life, all transmitted through experiencing the plants’ response to G-d’s providence.

This is what I currently embrace as the real law of the farm…

Sow a seed, plant a tree and reap a lot more…
newness, renewed vigour, a feeling of rebirth, peace and tranquility.

Until next time…

I remain

Yours truly..

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