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Re-channelling Negative Feelings

By on June 7, 2020

Our feelings have their roots in the deep layer of our being, the subconscious, from where they can either be expressed at our call or repressed by our choice.

Events or tasks we are confronted with daily usually bring us to the brink of choice and or change. We can give in to circumstances or stage a fight if we feel threatened. The choice is ours.

The amount of control we choose to exercise over our feelings would vary from one person to another. The paradox of life is such that as much as feelings are internally generated, experiential circumstances, situations and life experiences largely also influence how we entertain those feelings and how we react to life situations.

We can all imagine how fluid our feelings have been in recent times.

The process by which our feelings are generated from deep within us fortunately is the same process by which ideas are formulated. And just as feelings can be positive or negative, ideas too can be negative or positive, great or not so great.

Positive feelings are such a great company. We all love them. But how about when they are not so positive? May be totally negative at times .. 🤔 .. ??

Be what it may, it is a good idea to acknowledge always our feelings.

What can, or should we do about our nagging negative feelings?

On our positive note, permit me to prefer some suggestions ..💡.. .

Choosing to learn to work with our negative feelings can on the long run provide us with materials with which we can reprocess, and re-channel the negative energy converting it to positivity.

So how do we achieve this?

  • Admitting that a negative feeling is real for you at this time is an appropriate place to start.
    To acknowledge the negativity provides some measure of relief which is best felt than described. Resisting a negative thought could only bring added agony. It is always a good idea to decide to deal with the negativity by first embracing it and then deciding what next … either to get in touch with a professional coach for help and support or carry out some self help by converting those thoughts; turning them around as I earlier on described.
  • Negative feelings have an inherent potential to be turned around and made to become the bedrock of great ideas with a little professional help from a coach. We can take that step today.
  • Next is to do a summing up of the key details of the negative thoughts.. item by item. Be real and honest with yourself.
  • Being open and honest- ask yourself what benefit (s) each itemised detail brings into your life and or into the community – a very valuable exercise to do.
  • Make a note in writing on a piece of paper each benefit (if any) beside each negative. It becomes like writing the opposite parallel alongside the same document reflecting the negatives.
  • If none, set yourself a task to think of the desired opposite (s) you prefer or would like going forward. Again you may require the help of a professional.
  • At this point, we can begin to take our time to reflect on the positives from time to time for as long as we desire. This may take several days, weeks, or months, depending on your requirements.
  • Gradually begin to notice that the original negative feelings begin to dissipate, losing their power on you, giving way to more positive considerations which have been generated through this self help exercise of our own thoughts.
  • The more you reflect on your newly acquired more positive feelings, the more empowered you become to face the future.

With our permission these new positive thoughts can very easily become the blueprint for greater idea(s) than we ever knew could possibly be realised.

We can grow, nurture and develop these newly acquired positivity into something larger than life – “repairing ourselves” and becoming “a repairer of broken humanity” ..

Ideas coming to you may also bring with them the long desired change.. who knows??

Wishing you the very best; and should you have questions, please be in touch..

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Until next time..

I remain,
yours truly