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Living Without Walls – Life With No Limits

By on April 16, 2020

As humans we are most of the time sight oriented and driven.

Majority of us depend largely on external stimuli for encouragement as well as people’s approval for any meaningful progression to happen. To my mind, this cannot be tantamount to living a life without limits.

Limitations in life are either brought on by circumstances we have little or no control over or could be self imposed. The Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt brought untold limitations on all of us. What can we do about this? How can we limit the impact of these limitations both in the short and long terms. Can we limit the effects on us now? What can we do to bring down these limitations, if at all we can? These and many more are questions on all our minds.

Ability to live our lives from the within the “ walls within” helps breaks such limitations and barriers. One basic characteristic of the inward walls is that its space is limitless. If we can imagine that the World Wide Web (www) has no limits then we are not far from having an understanding of this concept. Simply imagining that G-d made human minds better than the best “www” helps us to grasp this suggestion.

There is a time for everything under the sun; a time to build and a time to dismantle that which has been built.
Many of us are in all probability witnessing several things we may have spent years building, coming down before us, such as relationships with loved ones, health, our freedom, our financial freedom, and much more.

During this pandemic, it is imperative that we strive to continue to live our lives as nearly as normal as we possibly can in the situation even though we are most of the time surrounded by physical walls. We may need to master how to break our individual barriers created, carrying on regardless, without the feeling of incarceration, and in newness of life ahead of “ the time”. I can imagine the next question – and when is “the time” going to be?

No man can tell.

In the meantime, how can we achieve living our lives “without the walls” of limitations?

By the daily practice of strengthening the building blocks of our “inward city walls”.

That is a constant work on our mindsets and hearts through daily prayers and the constant practice of appreciation and grattitude.

It is never difficult during times like these to discover or rediscover the powers of prayers in the secret place. It is as easy as to simply open our mouths and have a conversation with, or speak to our Creator, expressing our deepest yearnings and thoughts, not forgetting to express our gratitude for the preservation of our lives, even in the hardest and darkest of moments. It is a good habit to express gratitude for all those we are surrounded by, for those who toil night and day to ensure the daily comfort (s) we still enjoy.

Equally, learning to water our souls through the appreciation of nature could be very beneficial at this time.

How about stepping out on our balconies, our front doors, or driveways and observing the beauty of the skies, the breaking of the dawn, the sunrise, the black bird whistling each morning? These come with huge doses of daily refreshing and a fresh start to every brand new day.

And after every good start to each day like this, it becomes easier to settle down to a healthy breakfast engaging both our body and our soul.

We should thereafter give our body the privilege, under the influence of a satisfied mind, the chance to dictate to us what activity/ies we fancy for each day.

As we go through the routine above, we may just find that the “inner or inward city walls”
(our prepared minds) are being actively fortified in a practical and very real sense.
Try it.

Remember we have been encouraged to table our mindful thoughts before G-d in prayers.

Now is the time therefore to begin to engage our thoughtful minds in contemplation of those creative and purposeful things we have always thought about, imagined or admired from a distance or have always planned to do.
Maybe in the past we have never really been able to find enough time to actualise any of them.

Now we have all the time – to be creative, to plan and to do.

Put pen on paper; we are likely more able to engage in some creative work now than ever.

This may take the form of some drawing, artwork, painting, writing, concept and idea planning and creating … whatever it is we want – just do something meaningful and purposeful, engaging our minds and imaginations with our bodies.

Inside many of us are budding artists, innovators, novelists, playwrights , poets, fashion designers, musicians and so many more talents waiting to be released. These enable us to become more congruent.

Brick after brick, block after block, day-in-day-out, by extending the inward walls, maintaining good records and journals, making each day count, infusing purpose into each day’s.existence, we continue our lives’ purpose. Taking breaks and breathers when we need to.
Et Voila .. living without limitations!

It was always part of our destinies to be around and alive for such a time as this; but soon, the appointed time will be over.


And all of these will be over. This pandemic will be over. Time will reveal what edifices we have spent this period building; allbeit all the while within the inward city walls of our minds.

The next scenes of each of our lives will be unveiled soon, let us start preparing now for that next phase before it comes upon us.

Personally I will continue to strengthen my inner walls – breaking barriers and limitations of all physical structures and walls – for as long as this lockdown and pandemic last, with the help of God.

I continue to look up to the hills.

What about you?
G-d has not abandoned us.

He is fully in charge, though it may be difficult to see or feel Him right away.

Please continue to be healthy.

Stay safe.

And until next time..
I remain yours..