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Ageless and Flawless Skin

By on September 11, 2017

Just a moment Ladies (and Gentlemen..😊 too)… Have you seen this? I’ve seen it!

It is no longer too relevant what numbers your date of birth tells you, based on your calendar. It is all the more about what you can achieve staying in control of your habits and lifestyle. Of course we can argue in favour of, or against our genes. Modern Science referred to these age old habits as “old wives’ tales”. However, not so old anymore; because some of these old wives tales previously defined as “widely held traditional belief that is now thought to be unscientific or incorrect” have managed to survive all the negatives and have staged some good come back. We cannot afford to shut the door completely on good cultures and traditions. They forever remain the human vehicles for transporting all the good things that G-d had intended from the beginning for us humans. The past is always the key to the present and the present is the springboard for the future. Let’s not forget.

It is not anymore a secret that some of these “tales” have a scientific basis. Ignorance is no longer easy to camouflage by or as science.

I will also, in the same breath, like to address some important facts to bear in mind. Whatever regime we decide to try out or stick to on the long run, we need some basic qualities before we can achieve positive outcomes. We need to take on board adequate, good and well-researched information and knowledge, we need mindfulness and discipline, some staying power on the bedrock of a positive mind. We should also do with a healthy and good (well measured) control of negative emotions and stress levels. If outside help is required to achieve these let’s not delay in reaching out to a good source.

After all staying youthful and elegant is worth all the effort.

Remain healthy and youthful.

Yours truly



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