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A Window Into The Future

By on May 1, 2020

We are all momentarily in our COVID-19 confinements, physically and emotionally.

We have more questions than we have answers.

Questions such as-

“For how long are we going to remain locked down?

When will this confinement end?

Obviously, we cannot remain in this lockdown situation permanently. Everyone is longing to be released; and surely we shall be released some day.. 🙏🏼.

Other questions we are asking are:

Can the COVID-19 lockdown confinement change us forever?

For the better?
Or for the worse??

And does this pandemic have the capability to define us and our world forever?

These are all soul wrenching questions – Evidence of troubled souls seeking assurance and rests.

If I may dare voice an opinion – I personally don’t think the situation has the capability to define us as individuals-only if we let it.

Ultimately our outcome is down to each individual belief system and our individual levels of preparedness and preparation.

This moment” we have on this platform, in this time and space to share our thoughts, I think is time well spent.

Let us always be reminded that G-d is in charge of all our affairs and human endeavours, and He is still in control of all things, even though it may not feel so.

Minds have run free, full time, in virtually every household, in each person alive – more or less, all through the pandemic. And now we all need a reset to our minds and emotions.

Let us also remember that our mind is the seat of our emotions from where all our conscious feelings of joy sorrow, fear, panic, lack, hate, jealousy, loss of control, loss of relationships; albeit not tangible but nonetheless strongly felt and experienced. Our souls govern our minds.

Our minds working in partnership with our bodies rule our actions.

The dictionary’s definition of the soul is very apt-

“ … the principle of life, a feeling, a thought and action(s) in humans regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body – the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part … “

The conclusion here is that as humans, we are both physical and spiritual beings. We need to look after both aspects of our being to remain healthy. Got it?
Let us continue to look after our health even in this place.

Contemplation is an exercise of a mind-in-health, to grasp and lay hold of positive healthy thoughts. A Contemplation that is not at some opportuned time followed by some expression(s) by which an action is taken is pointless; just as faith, without charitable actions, is even more pointless.

Both contemplation and our words have great creative abilities when put into good use.

Words alone, on their part, mean little when backed by mere inaction. Likewise words mean very very little, when it is really an action that a situation calls for.

These two:

•A healthy mindful contemplation ..
•Followed by positive actions

are the main prerequisite materials in the construction of windows through our current confined lockdown walls into the future we desire, or, the future we would wish to see unfold post COVID-19.

I will endeavour to keep this short and sweet as we may have had this counsel once or twice before.
My only hope and prayer is that these will not join “their contemporaries” in the archives of our minds, from where inaction is king; but that something new will be birthed in us.

For the avoidance of doubt, may I with your permission stress that contemplation is nothing more than a deep focused, attentive consideration on some fresh idea (s) .. 💡 💡 some suggestions of positive thoughts .. 💭 without any internal or external distractions.

It is in this atmosphere of calm and serenity that our pure inner souls are able to express creativity and innovations in purity and in power. And from this place, we can create a new window through which we are able to start recreating our world, planning and drawing out the future we hope and pray for; and generally begin to see a future of all we hold dear.

Challenges are part of life.

It is in this place that technological advancements are birthed, scientific innovations and breakthroughs are born and new ideas are conceived.

Architects are able to walk through their new designs long before the property they designed is built. We too can see our future through the window of our minds before we are finally released from our confinement.

Better to start late than never-

Let’s start today to think of the day after the lockdown, for days soon become months, months become years and years all add to a life time…🤔

Pray we have been able to grasp something more than tangible.

May we all begin to see a clearer future, beyond COVID-19, through our new windows.

Until next time
I remain
Yours truly, Annie.