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Is Marriage Spiritual?

By on October 13, 2018

What about getting hooked? 💕

These are big “NOW” questions – getting hooked. And if you have heard this said or you have for some reason questioned or contemplated this question before, you are not alone.

First and foremost, may I extend warm greetings to all our special friends. Kindly accept my apologies for being quiet and offline for awhile. When we humans undergo unplanned silence, it is oftentimes to pay attention to something of a higher calling. I have recently done some soul search following my latest period of media inactivity. I am sure we all know a thorough soul search requires time and honesty. And seldom in life are we able to decipher immediately the reasons or driving force behind our life’s journeys or facts on which our activities or inactivities are based. It does always require some rare degree of mindfulness to gain insight. I have been no exception.

Twice in my life’s journey so far I recollect I have experienced some seeming inactivity but extremely fulfilled time-away, a period during which I temporarily have had to drop a few otherwise engaging activities to be able to free myself and to engage in some higher calling and responsibilities. Filling this period are activities such as contemplation .. time aside in communication with our Maker .. practically encouraging creative divine partnership with the physical world .. making room for godly habitation in our world … etc.

There are two special moments-in-time in my life so far when I have experienced this “pull – away”. These have been times when I have been engrossed with the preparation of my daughters for marriage. This has led me to a conclusion that marriage is primarily more spiritual than the world thinks. At least more than I thought.

We all know that getting married requires much preparation. But what type of preparation? Getting hooked? Popping the question? Arranging the dates? Securing the event venues.. including everything else to make the day a memorable one for families and friends?

Is that it?? 
I don’t think so.

Twice I have now experienced this very unique role in marriage preparation and it has been so real and impactful. Please note that I said “marriage preparation” and not “wedding preparation”. The two do not have the same connotation. I personally believe that every bride-to-be needs some real preparation. So do grooms too. Not in the religious sense only.

Please don’t get me wrong.
There are massive event planning and various other important organising involved. They are important. However, for a lasting “two becoming one marriage”, all the planning and organising need a firm foundation in the spiritual. That is what I have personally found takes time, and twice as the Mother of the Bride, I can confirm this. It does require some undivided attention and a commitment of a high, yet deep calibre.

That was my pull. I have loved being in partnership with G-d in the creation of two new abodes for the Creator.
And for all the aspiring and newly weds across the globe, I pray conjugal blessings. May your homes and/or homes to be always be a warm welcoming abode for your Creator.. 🙏

Always yours,