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Who am I? Finding The Real Humanity in Adulthood

By on October 25, 2018

As a new born, each of us made our grand entry into this world, born to take our unique place. It always is with lots of rejoicing and joyous celebrations for everyone in the family. Finding our unique names to bring our essence to the fore always becomes everyone’s joy and exciting preoccupation, at least for the closest relatives – our parents. We had no say in this event but somehow we concurred – Chang, John, Jide, Chuks, Helen, Chris, Bisi, Chana, Annie, Ishmael, Lovette … whatever name(s) we have been given we soon grow to bear and answer to.. culled from deep within .. 
For “deep calls unto the deep” the depths varying from one to another.

From the moment we take on our new names, our internal and external worlds begin to take unique shapes and fashion after the name (s).
Almost simultaneously, a struggle ensues… For within each bundle of innocence lies a self-luminous heavenly soul .. a star that is central to the being… some spark of divinity struggling to manifest. On the other hand, the world we are born into usually offers different alternatives. Perfection as we all know it is far removed from this new offer or equation. And the struggle begins, ever before as new born, we learn to walk or talk; for a baby learns to hear and to respond to external stimuli long before s/he can communicate through speech. 
Around the new baby, the world carries on with the usual business in the manner that is common to the “reformed humanity”; and lying there s/he begins to experience his/her first taste of lifelong learning. We all did. It is not strange therefore that before our first words, our worlds have simply begun to take shape after our generations and ancestors. Behaviour patterns get handed down from generation to generation and unless there is a deliberate individual and personal awareness which leads to life alteration and change, its business as usual. This process of embracing a life alteration I refer to as some form of “recreation of our world”. For as a person grows in stature and in age, the radiance of innocence which is manifestly apparent in a newborn begin to wane and disappear and so does humane characteristics as the Creator fore-planned it before creation.

Take a look at our world and get some understanding of where I am coming from?

But please pardon me.. 
I am not talking about physical virtues. It is about those aspects of a person which are “manifestly hidden” but whose “external influences” none can deny. This is what I refer to as the state of humanity – for good or otherwise.
The hallmarks of humanity as the Almighty Creator planned from the beginning are love, qualities of being humane, charity, kindness and benevolence. And just as the sun is central and key in our universe, each of us is central and key in our worlds. People in our world will often revolve around us as they consciously or unconsciously receive from what we have to offer them. We contribute to the world at large when we make our individual worlds a better place, positively bringing unique contributions to life like stars.

As individuals, when we begin to ask the key question: “Who Am I?” , with a quest to “Finding The Real Humanity in Adulthood”, we may discover that deep within us, to live a positively fruitful life, all we need to do is to tap into that bundle of innocence deep within. Within this innocence lies the self-luminous heavenly soul .. a star that is central to every fibre of our being. These, all together with the spark of divinity always have been struggling to manifest through us.

Sometimes, a name change may be necessary.

For me, I am the work of the Grand Maker in progress . This is the reason why growth is part of my DNA.

Let it be.

Yours truly,