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What to do with dreams..

By on April 18, 2019

If today I have a dream, or dreams.. but find myself

constantly thinking of what to do with time(??)

Sounds familiar?

I should ask the question –

What do I plan to do with this dream of mine?

It may be a dream from childhood or from teenage

years. It may also be a dream in twilight years.

At whatever season of life a dream is birthed, as

long as they present some vision of cherished

images, some noble thoughts, or endearing

emotions passing through the mind whether during

a sleep or awake visiting friends.

A dream doesn’t just have to happen only during a

sleep. Dream anytime if you can – whilst sitting or

standing. Dream whenever you can.. waking or

sleeping – make each moment count towards


Whatever else you decide to do, remember this

one thing:

“If you want your dreams to come true,

don’t sleep.” (Yiddish Proverb) – Stay alive.

Stay with your dream. Make it happen.

Do something towards making your dream come to

pass today.

– Annie