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Staying Healthy: What it really means to Annie.

By on September 28, 2017

This is no slang, nor is it a mantra, though the risk of making it into one is very high, real and rampant. So therefore, what exactly is implied by “being in health”? Is it a state of being? A feeling? Or can it be both?

There are so many questions we individually have to ask ourselves and provide answers to, if we are going to be serious about establishing a healthy regime for ourselves. I did; and seriously it is what it is … a lifestyle.

We are unique individuals with completely different, and unique makeups. Though we are all made in the same image – “humanity infused with divine attributes”. Or how else can we explain why we are so much affected by our thoughts and feelings?

Over the years, I have immersed myself in seeking knowledge after knowledge on what really constitutes the state of “being healthy”. I have researched, read up information, gaining knowledge, learning along my personal life journey and from the experiences of others.  I can confirm that there is no one peg that fits all the holes. We are each uniquely made. This gives an awesome feeling.

Maturity in years doesn’t have to bring an abrupt end to a feeling of being in health if only we will take time NOW to figure out what our makeup requires to stay in health.

I have come to believe that it does require some degree of mindfulness. What I imply by mindfulness in this context, is our ability to identify and know with some certainty how we are, and how we feel during a state of being, or during certain prevailing conditions and circumstances. Such may be about how we experience some prevailing circumstances of life, or during our moments of feelings of health and happiness, in contrast with how we are, and the “feelings” and “thoughts” that often precede an illness, infirmity and/or a state of general unhappiness. The more we can figure out the differences with certainty, the more we are on our way to being able to identify and associate some of our bad habits and lifestyles with ill health and feelings of being generally unwell. And then we can also begin to unlearn those bad habits and lifestyles and actively imbibe the good ones that can deliver to us good health and wholeness.

As the scale positively tilts more the desired way, we can begin to experience more wholeness. Staying healthy is all about wholeness.

If I may also warn that a feeling of wholeness in our body alone does not give that “all-clear” – judging from my personal experience.

It takes the body, soul, and mind” fittingly and jointly working together, towards a common goal in unison.

So let us begin today, a journey in our quest to figure out for ourselves how to stay healthy, and how to achieve it.

Yours truly,