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Dealing with repressed sensitive feelings and emotions ..

By on October 9, 2020

Often our sensitivities are tucked away so well on the inside, and probably repressed too, because we feel uncomfortable about acknowledging that they exist.

Repressed feelings however are similar in their functions and activities to plagues.
Once allowed to make a permanent abode in our inner world, they can settle and continue their activities from inside out.

Whatever we allow to settle in our inner world will ultimately make appearances in our physical and practical lives too.

I love the following quote by Winston Churchill:

“We shape our dwellings, and afterwords our dwellings shape us”.

So how do we deal with this situation?

Perhaps we may benefit from giving the following suggestions a trial:

  • Allowing the thoughts to come to the fore in our minds
  • Entertaining the thoughts by acknowledging them; and letting them be ..
  • Bringing them into the open with a trusted guide, friend, coach or other similar professional
  • Talking about things as openly and as freely, as comfortable as we feel like and able to
  • Giving permission to ourselves to begin to experience the freedom or the healing we deserve.

With healing and freedom, and under good guidance, our personal growth and development are sure to begin.

I hope these help.

Until next time…

I remain

Yours truly..