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Do my thoughts influence my diets and diet plans?

By on December 16, 2019

Advice, Counsel, Laws, Judgements, Declarations, Rules, Instructions, Guidance, Sermons, Prayers, Incantations, Enchantments, Well-wishes, … and so much more have at their root origins “ thoughts and speeches”.
Each is an activity or expression of the thoughtful human mind. Each form in turn further represents compressed speech assuming various “sub-forms” of the mind with varying levels of power sustaining them. Our thoughts become our speeches once formed – expressed or vocalised or in some instances even repressed from where they continue to influence or determine our actions and activities . . Speeches documented in writing become more permanent and assume much more power and can more easily become part of human records or history.

Before the speech, there is first always a propelling power emanating from the mind. And that is the power of the mind, “our thoughts” to find expressions. There is no end to what the human mind can conceptualise, conceive, innovate, create, harbour or bring forth. I never underestimate the power of thoughts.

Ever heard the words, “ there is power in your speech “ ?

The sacred books over two thousand years ago have said “ … the power of life and death lie in the tongue”. To my mind, life and death are the two single most powerful forces known naturally to man.

In recent times, the news have emerged that scientists may yet have discovered another force of nature ( the fifth ). We all are somewhat still in awe of the enormity of the power of the fourth fundamental force in nature known as “the weak nuclear force”; the other three being gravitation, electromagnetism, and the strong force.
According to science news, an Hungarian scientist is said to have found a yet stronger fifth force of nature, the CNN recently published. Whatever that is, I can’t help but imagine that this Hungarian Scientist’s thought life has conceived and is birthing what has again caught the whole world’s attention. It has certainly caught mine.
Physicist Attila Krasznahorkay working with a fellow researcher at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences may soon confirm to the whole world the discovery of the fifth force which according to them is already at work. What a world???? I can’t wait to know what that is.

Let’s come back to earth, shall we?

There we have it, with simple thoughts expressed in this article I have probably managed to expand our imaginations a bit. But there is a good purpose behind this. Permit me to implore us to put our thought lives into profitable advantages for humanity and their uses. Let us strive always to promote life, and things which pertain to righteous deeds.

Of course these thought lines have once again brought me back to where I started from: the title of this article – “Do my thoughts influence my diets and diet plans?”
My answer is yes, so I believe.

I can put my thoughts and speeches into much more use than I have done; of course, I am talking of the totality of my practical deeds. Thoughts are deeper and more powerful than we ever imagined. We alone by our imaginative thoughts can limit ourselves.

I remember a few years back, thinking to myself, what if all the practical efforts I put into my diet and diet plans receive the blessing of my personal open positive mind, full of self determination to receive and embrace all the nutrients the Creator of the universe has already made available in these nutritional diets?
I reminded myself that I am simply to prep and to consume just as the first man was placed in the garden of Eden to tame and to tend it with everything there for him to feed and be nurtured by; except one thing. We are all familiar with this account.
I thought to myself.. ???? … I might have discovered something worthwhile.. ????

Did I embrace it? Of course I did, and I have never regretted it.

Talking about eating to stay healthy, eating to increase immunity, eating to heal the body… whatever purpose my diet is meant to serve for me, my thoughtfulness (or call it mindfulness) has since played a very vital role. I put my thoughts into everything I do; and it’s working for me.

You are very welcome to try it and see if it too will work for you.

And remember always that in whatever we do, let’s do it with an open, positive, G-dly mind, full of the right thoughts (and for me that means prayers).

And until next time…

I am,
Yours truly..